Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Ebrahim has refined his raw and gritty approach to cinematography with sensitivity and honesty. Voted the 5th best cinematographer in South Africa in 2019 this graffiti artist and surfer from the Cape Flats has a genuine street edge to his shooting style. A hard working and passionate DOP and Director, Ebrahim has a love for narrative story telling as well as abstract, artistic expressions. He has worked on numerous international and local feature films, commercials and documentaries that have gone on to win awards , the first being in 2001. Ebrahim feels a responsibility to give a voice to underserved communities, some of his documentary work includes nature conservation and anti poaching efforts, women empowerment and illegal gold mining. His documentary filmmaking experience allows him to improvise and work quickly while remaining calm and connected to his subjects. Facebook, Mercedes, Nissan, Adidas, Asics, Coca-Cola and KFC are among his commercial clientsHe has recently worked on longer format films for Universal Pictures and BBC.